About Us


Cornerstone has been in ministry for 20 years. Together we have experienced growth, changed lives and our foundational virtues have remained consistent. The virtue statements are what we hold everything accountable to. It is what shapes our culture and drives us forward every day.

A Community of Characters…

At Cornerstone UMC we are a people bound together through the love of God as revealed in Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Those who gather all represent the vast diversity of Godʼs people for we believe that in diversity we experience unity. We believe God has invited us to be full participants in His story. We share this story together through our lives, our worship, our prayers, our generosity, our relationships and in our service to others. Godʼs story is a journey and not a destination. Godʼs story invites us to be one outpost among many that bears witness to love of God (grace) through the ministry of reconciliation.

We share the story in authentic and practical ways and do not set limits on the expression and diversity of Godʼs gifts and people. “Come as you are!” We really mean it! Cornerstone celebrates the ancient paths which form our faith and lead to embodiment within our current reality. Woven within those ancient paths (that transcend time and culture) are current expressions of art, music and expression bearing witness to Godʼs movement within our age and time. Cornerstone is radically liturgical and blends ancient truth as we live within our current communities pressing on together into Godʼs future. We believe that God is breaking down the walls of separation and hostility between people, communities and nations and we embrace the vision of a hope filled future. God is in charge!

Community & Characters:

  • A commitment to all Godʼs people regardless of race, nationality, age or gender.
  • Come as you are! From shorts to suits all are welcome!
  • God loves everyone unconditionally – we donʼt judge your past – and we celebrate how unique everyone is!
  • We are not afraid to be authentic and believe we all have our faults.
  • We believe that our differences are a part of Godʼs beauty.

Breaking Down Walls:

  • We welcome all and we have no dress code.
  • We are serious about breaking down the walls and barriers that separate us from God, each other and even ourselves.
  • We are committed to diversity – in music, dress, economic status, ethnic origin, gender, age, and physical-mental ability.
  • We maintain a sense of “Ordered Spontaneity” in worship and leadership.


  • Breaking down walls includes entering into relationship with the poor, oppressed, homeless, orphaned, imprisoned, sick, lost, outcast, wealthy and diversity of our community.

Embracing Mystery:

  • We take God very seriously.
  • We welcome questions and confess we donʼt have all the answers.
  • We believe that God always shows up.
  • We are committed to the reading, reflecting and challenge of Godʼs Word and believe God reveals God-self to us in many unexpected and beautiful ways.
  • All we do is centered in the Eucharist.

Participants in Godʼs Story:

  • We seek to participate in Godʼs story which is both ancient, present and future.
  • We believe Godʼs story is not simply for a particular time but together seek how it is relevant in our lives today.
  • We are “becoming Godʼs church” together.
  • We believe the “church” is not an institution or building but a “body” – it is organic.
  • The “church” is the Body of Christ and stands opposed to the forces of evil, oppression and injustice in the world.
  • The Body of Christ is the hope of the world.

Sharing & Being Transformed:

  • We share the good news of Jesus Christ with all people.
  • We believe the change agent of God is the Holy Spirit and not us.
  • We celebrate the wonder and beauty of all Godʼs creation and believe that we should take great care of Godʼs universe.
  • We are intentional about Christian development through teaching and the arts.
  • We need each other, we canʼt do this alone.
  • We nurture faithfulness to God through our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.
  • We celebrate the transformation that comes through the power of the Holy Spirit in community with each other.
  • We are connected to a story that is bigger than us.

Continually Becoming:

  • Since Christianity is a journey we believe that we should always explore new ways to build relationships with our community, neighborhood and world.
  • Through the journey things will change and so will we. We are open to new ideas, programs, and opportunities which will help us share the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • We are not afraid to make mistakes but are serious about offering our best.


  • The journey moves us beyond the boundaries of our church property and invites us to open our ears and hearts to the needs of those around us.