Our Mission


A gathered community becoming the body of Christ, united in the power of God’s love, striving to live the Gospel by seeking out and serving the needs of God’s diverse world, that all may come to know and follow Jesus Christ.


Reach Out to the nominally churched and unchurched people, Connect with God, each other, ourselves, and God’s good creation, and Form disciples of Jesus Christ through teaching, mentoring, and serving.


  • A commitment to authentic worship/Sabbath/ and the faithful adherence to Word and Sacrament.
  • A commitment to sharing and bringing persons to Christ and nurturing them in faith.
  • A commitment to serve those in need–the poor, oppressed, homeless, orphaned, imprisoned, sick, lost and outcast.
  • A commitment to all God’s creation–the call to love all people regardless of race, nationality, age or gender.
  • A commitment to the gifts of the Spirit–the call to equip all to use their gifts for ministry.
  • A commitment to diversity–music, dress, economic status, ethnic origin and physical-mental ability.
  • A commitment to Christian development through (intentional) teaching and arts.
  • A commitment to being the church–a community that stands opposed to the forces of evil, oppression and injustice.
  • A commitment to the unconditional love God has poured out for all people–the joy of repentance and forgiveness.
  • A commitment to nurturing  faithfulness to the church–through prayers, presence, gifts and service, inviting all to participate