Building a new Eden

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Our mission is to help each other interact with creation and community by building a new Eden. The goal of our farming is not only the raising of crops but the cultivation and sanctification of human beings. Our community-oriented garden and grove is the land that supports our farm-to-table agriculture, nutrition education, and faith-rooted initiatives. Proceeds from our community vegetables, herbs and soon to be tropical fruit sales support this valued community work.

We desire to become a cooperative of families that have decided to create a vibrant, sustainable place in which to live a balanced, relationally-focused life, caring for God’s creation and inspiring the people around them toward abundant kingdom homesteading.

We invite you to join in Cornerstone Edibles mission to connect land, spirituality and community. Please join us in the garden and help us have a bountiful season. Garden work days are Monday-Thursday from 9 am – 12 pm.

Caring For God’s Creation

Cornerstone Edibles